Professional Cleaning Services in Zimbabwe

Vaal’s Cleaning Services Pvt Ltd (Vaal’s), is a professional cleaning and hygiene services company that provides cleaning services to corporates, both commercial and industrial, as well as private homes.
Great service has always been our top priority. And it still is!

Our Flagship Services

Daily Cleaning Services Contracts

This service is provided to a varied client base which covers banks, retail, offices, shopping malls, education, healthcare, sports clubs, start-up companies, property developers, motor dealerships, warehouses, factories, hospitality, homes, trade fairs and more.
Vaal’s currently have several renewable contracts which generally run for at least one year in each case to cover this service.

Pre-occupation and After-events Cleaning

Pre-occupation cleaning is mainly done in newly built premises for the first time before occupancy or before occupation by new tenants.
After-events cleaning is provided to customers after a home or business premises have been used to host a function.

Floor stripping and sealing

Floors are stripped to remove all dirt and sealed using floor glaze to create a long-lasting clean shine which is maintenance free.

Spring Cleaning (Once Offs/Deep Cleaning)

This service is provided to our contract customers, once off and walk-in customers where we carry out a thorough cleaning exercise according to customer specified requirements.
We offer upholstery cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, wall cleaning, floor cleaning, mattress cleaning, disaster cleaning (e.g. water extraction), and much more.

Sanitary Services

Ladies’ toilets and wash rooms require special services to cater for feminine needs. Vaal’s provides and services sanitary bins for our customers’ convenience and needs.
The bins are kept clean and fresh by the regular servicing which entails periodic emptying and sterilizing. The waste is responsibly disposed of through incineration.


Banc ABC

Vaal's is one of our service providers from 2015 to date. The company has maintained the bank’s branches in a clean state. Any offer accorded to the company will be awarded with positive results and the receiver of the service will greatly appreciate the service at the end of the day

Union Hardware

We have a good working relationship with them as they have accommodated our cleaning needs and requests. I trust they will work well with you too

ZIMRE Property Investments Limited

In more than 10 years we have had a contract with them; we have enjoyed a good working relationship and have been satisfied with the quality of their work

Fidelity Funeral Assurance

Vaal’s has been providing Fidelity Funeral Assurance with office cleaning services since 2017 to date. We highly recommend them for any contract in the related field

CAPS (Pvt) Limited

Vaal’s are professionals in their line of business and we do not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who wants to do business with them

Primergy Investments P/L

Vaal’s has been providing sanitary services to our company since 2017 to date. Any offer accorded to the company will be awarded with positive results. We do not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who may wish to engage them for sanitary services

Mupindu Legal Practitioners

Vaal’s has been providing sanitary services to our company from 2020 to date. We have not faced any challenges working with them, we do not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who may wish to engage them for sanitary services.


Incorporated in 2006, we have many years of experience. At present, we have long term contracts with several organizations in Zimbabwe.


Mission Statement

To create and achieve value for all our stakeholders by providing innovative cleaning solutions backed by quality service.

Our Promise

We will never compromise on safety and quality service.


To be the “Number 1” cleaning solutions provider for corporate and domestic customers.

Core Values

We are committed to a safe and clean working environment.
We abide by government and council requirements regarding the adoption of safe environmental management solutions.
We champion professional, ethical standards and behaviour in all our business dealings with our clients.
Our customers deserve the highest quality of service.

We will take care of the cleaning, so you can focus on what’s most important!